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Dental Radiographs or X-rays


Radiographs or x-rays are a very important tool in the dental field.There are two types of radiographs that we may need to take for you, intraoral and extraoral.

Intraoral radiographs or otherwise known as bitewings or periapicals are radiographs taken with the sensor inside your mouth. Dental professionals routinely take bitewing radiographs approximately every 18-24 months to ensure no decay is starting between your teeth. Periapical radiographs are taken to review a particular tooth, in cases of pain, extractions, root canal therapy and possible infections.

Extraoral radiographs are taken with the x-ray sensor outside of your mouth, most commonly known as OPG or a Panoramic x-ray. OPGs can be taken for many reasons such as assessing the position of wisdom teeth, locating un-erupted primary or permanent teeth,  assessing extent of bone loss in Periodontitis, TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint) pain and to get a general overview of your mouth and surrounding bones and tissues.

Cone Beam 3D scans may also be necessary in diagnosis or treatment planning for some patients when a more detailed view is needed. Cone beam 3D scans are taken in some surgical wisdom extractions, implant assessment and placement planning and some root canal treatments. Much like the OPG, the sensor is outside of the mouth and takes no more than a minute to take.