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Mouth Guards and Splints

Mouth Guard

Playing Sports?

It is highly advised to wear a mouth guard when playing any type of contact sport. There are a couple types you could use. A store bought one can do the job depending on your age and what sport you are playing. A custom made dental mouth guard is the best option for your teeth. It will provide the most support during contact sports compared to a store bought mouth guard.

Grinding or Clenching at Nights?

Do you often wake up with a sore jaw or headache? Grinding or clenching during your sleep could be the reason! It can often be related to stress and you may not even realise you’re grinding. Unfortunately grinding, clenching or bruxism can result in chipped or broken teeth, wear on teeth that made cause sensitivity or nerve pain. It can also cause pain in your TMJ or jaw leading up to your head and cause bad headaches. An occlusal splint is custom made for your mouth to stop the impact and adverse affects of your night time habit.