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Crowns and Bridges

crowns and bridges                             Another Alternative to Missing Teeth!


Crowns and Bridges, unlike a removable appliance, i.e. a denture, are completely fixed on teeth. They are cemented onto existing teeth or implants in order to improve and/or restore the functionality of the teeth, as well as enhancing the overall appearance of the mouth. As a result of this, there will be an increase in the efficiency of chewing food and pronouncing words whilst talking, thus proving to be quite important in the overall health of a patient with missing teeth.

What is a Crown?

A Crown is a tooth shaped and coloured porcelain capping that is custom made for your mouth.  The porcelain is fused to metal in order to supply extra durability and mimic the sturdiness of a natural tooth. The most common reason for needing a crown is when a tooth has had a Root Canal Therapy.  However there are a number of other reasons we may suggest a crown, such as protecting a large filling or tooth from fracturing, to cover an implant or simply attaching a bridge.

What is a Bridge?

A bridge is often recommended if you have one or more missing teeth. Missing teeth can cause discomfort whilst eating and ultimately result in personal embarrassment due to difficulty in undertaking normal lifestyle activities. Missing teeth will often cause other surrounding teeth to move or rotate into the empty spaces causing an uncomfortable or traumatic bite, thus, having missing teeth can ultimately result in jaw or TMJ discomfort or even Periodontitis!

What Should I Expect?

Generally a crown or bridge is completed over 2-3 appointments, within a couple weeks of each other. The initial appointment is normally a consultation, followed by a longer appointment for a crown or bridge preparation. This is when the tooth or teeth are shaped so the crown or bridge will fit onto it. A model or measurement is taken and the shade is chosen. We then place a temporary crown in the area for your comfort. At this stage, the measurements are sent to our lab. The final appointment is when we cement the crown or bridge into place. Crowns and bridges are made to last a lifetime, however occasionally they may become loose. It is very important to maintain good oral health to ensure the longevity of your crown or bridge.